Our business philosophy is to offer very good deals in software purchasing. We know that a good deal will be only really good if you as a customer, are completely satisfied with the price, the service and the product.

We in Key Discount and as experts in software sales at Amazon for years, it has always bothered us that we could not directly help customers with software installation and software application. This prevented us from making every customer 100 percent satisfied. That’s why we now offer our software products in our own shop and focus on customer support and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

It is a bad feeling! Do you know that feeling when you have ordered software from Amazon and then have difficulties with the installation? Hold on, you don’t have to throw your computer and software out the window in frustration!

Now we offer you personal customer support from 1pm to 10pm via phone, email or WhatsApp. Because the joy of new software can only unfold when it works quickly and perfectly. And in the event of problems, uncomplicated solutions are immediately provided by friendly customer service.

By distributing through our own website, we can now offer better and faster service than Amazon itself and surprise you with much cheaper prices!

We are here for you and guarantee your safety! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of any of our products, we will give you a 100 percent refund or exchange your product immediately.

Your computer will be safe with us, as is your good mood, which will always be maintained by our personal and friendly customer service.