Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing & Furnishing

1. Why is it worth shopping at Key Discount?

Our products are very cheap compared to the market, so you save a lot of money when buying software. We stand for the highest quality testing, so that our products are guaranteed to work perfectly. In addition, we offer a personal customer service that is there for you from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. by phone, email and WhatsApp. We would be happy to help you with the right software selection, the installation of your products and with all other matters.
Our satisfied customers speak for themselves. We regularly receive feedback from our customers about the joy of buying cheap, uncomplicated and high-quality software from us. You are also welcome to let our reviews convince you.

2. Is a purchase from Key Discount legally secure?

Shopping at Key Discount is absolutely legally secure. We only sell original products that have been approved and checked for the respective economic areas. To ensure that Key Discount remains legally secure in the face of changing framework conditions, we regularly have our supply chains checked by a law firm. Visit our page for more information

3. Can I use the software indefinitely?

In most cases, our software can be used indefinitely and becomes your property. If there is a limited validity, this will be clearly stated on our website.

4. Can I download the software at any time?

Yes, after a purchase you have access to your download link at any time. You can find this in your user account. To do this, click on “My Account” on our site and then on the “Orders” item. Your software will be listed there with a download link. You can also use the download link in the email we send you at any time.

5. Can I reinstall my software after a system restart or device change?

You can usually install your software on a new device unless otherwise noted in the product description. This also applies if you have to set up your system again and again. Please note that your software may be tied to specific accounts. Therefore, always use your existing accounts on your new device.

frequently asked Questions

Payment & Money

6. On how many devices can I install my software?

You can install your software on as many devices as specified in the respective product description. We sell different packages of the same software with different conditions. Among them are software packages that allow you to install your software on 10 devices.

7. Is it safe to shop at Key Discount?

Your purchase at Key Discount is completely secure. We only deliver new original goods from tested supply chains. We attach great importance to data protection and customer service that can be reached every day. From 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. we will answer your concerns professionally and as quickly as possible by telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp. With our 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days, you are always protected with your purchase.

8. When does Key Discount deliver?

We do everything we can to email you the download link for your software on the day of your purchase. However, the processing time of your order also depends on the selected payment method and your product. Therefore, please note the information on the exact delivery times on the page of your product.

9. How does the installation of my software work?

Our customer service will help you install your products every day from 1pm to 10pm via phone, email or WhatsApp. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personal installation consultation.

10. How do the software packages of a manufacturer differ?

Many of our software packages from the same provider are similar. Please contact our customer service to find out which programs and applications are important to you . Together we can select the right product package that you are guaranteed to be satisfied with. Of course, you will also find all the important information about your software package in our product descriptions.